Innovative marketing & creative leader with over 10 years of experience.

I can manage various teams, events, and projects with great success while staying within or below budget. I have experience developing/managing traditional and digital projects from strategy to production that have yielded excellent results.

In addition to my experience and expertise, I have a knack for details, solving problems, and creating and documenting processes to promote future success and increase efficiency. I am looking for an opportunity where I can share my passion for marketing and creative with a successful team, all while exceeding goals and increasing revenue.

Brands that I have worked with:
Gaco Western, Harrah's, Cobham, Keller Williams, Inland Homes, Agent Direct News, New Tampa Style, Dr. Christopher Blackwell, Old Seminole Heights, and multiple Realtors®.

CV & samples available upon request. Accomplishments, experience, and education are also available on LinkedIn.


Measurable knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors are the core to my success!
  • Traditional Marketing

    Print (Small & Large Format), Branding, and POP

  • Team Leadership & Training

    Process Improvement, Continuous Learning/Change, Positive Guidance, and Lead by Example

  • Trade Shows & Event Management

    International & Domestic; Formal & Casual; Small to Large; Planning, Execution, and Logistics

  • Digital Marketing

    Web, Loyalty, Email, Analytics, A/B Testing, Social, SEO, and PPC

Positivity + a Smile = Greatness

I am a firm believer in being positive and sharing my positivity with others to foster a sense of greatness. I greet each circumstance in my life with a smile, which I am told is contagious.
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John Morris

Innovative Marketing
& Creative Leader
I enjoy traveling, discovering, learning, eating delicious foods & experimenting with recipes, consuming local microbrews, hosting, hiking, & volunteering!


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